Organic Chocolates

Our organic range is one of the best in it's kind. From a small family business in Belgium, who are passionated by natural flavors.

There each praline is made purely with natural flavours and colours, no chemicals are used in the process. This gives each of them an intense taste and structure. Individually they are finished with great detail, which gives each a unique and different look. 

In reality the well-known Belgian chocolates are mostly referred to 'pralines', chocolates with different fillings. These can variate from caramel, praliné (hazelnut cream), to fruity or even hot spices inside.

In our organic range you can find the 'extravagant' line. Having intense flavours like hot chilli, pepper, salty pancake, lavender, roses, ginger and so on. It will open the minds of the ones who dare.

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