Our freshly made waffles are the 'Liège waffle' type. This waffle is not only smaller, but sweeter and heavier (more filling) than the Brussels waffle.

While the Brussels waffle is a crisp dessert waffle, served with a sweet topping and eaten with a knife and fork, the Liège waffle is a smaller, handheld snack food. It has a yeast dough and is golden-yellow, softer and more dense in texture than the Brussels waffle, with a caramelized sugar coating from the last-minute addition of pearl sugar that provides a lightly sweet, distinctive flavor.

The Liège waffle claims to be the “original waffle” with a 600-year history. It was invented by the chef of the prince-bishop of Liège, a city in eastern Belgium.

We make our Waffles with the original ingredients and make them at the spot in the best Belgian waffle iron available. You will smell it from miles away. So come and try it.

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