Classic Pralines

Our classic range contains classic recipe inside, rightly balanced with the right amount of cacao and flavours.

Giving it it's great and well-known taste. The range covers dark, milk to white chocolate. Inside you'll find flavours such as; butter-cream, hazelnut, crusty to even liqueur and beer.

The Belgian Praline was invented by Jean Neuhaus in 1912, who started a pharmacy in Brussels, selling chocolate bonbons as a cure.  He started filling them with soft cream and liquid chocolate, what made them famous.

Did you know that Belgian chocolate can only be referred to chocolate produced in Belgium. While cacao beans and other ingredients such as sugar can originate from outside of Belgium, the actual production of the chocolate must take place in the country.

That's why all our chocolates are imported from well selected chocolatiers, making them the 'real deal'.

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